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Catalina Swing

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For all hammock lovers , the hanging macrame swing made of 100% Egyptian cotton isa great indoor and outdoor solution . They are breathable , flexible , soft to touch and adaptable to the body . Once you’re in , you don’t want to get out .

Since you don’t have to worry about “ends” being supported , a hammock chair needs much less peace , but you won’t miss that lazy hammock feeling at all .

There are two hanging styles : hanging your hammock chair swing style on two ropes allows you to rock back and forth , like in a child’s play swing . When you hang your hammock chair pívot style , you only need one anchor point which allows to rotate 360 degrees and drift gently while you relax .

 Dimensions: 85*70 cm

Height : adjustable 

Carries 150 kg

material : 100% egyptian cotton